Are Shark Attacks in Hawaii Rare?

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Shark Attacks: Ensuring Safety After the Tragic Loss of Surf Legend Tamayo Perry

The surfing community mourns the loss of Tamayo Perry, a legendary figure on Hawaii’s North Shore, who tragically passed away following a shark attack while surfing. Known for his exceptional surfing skills and vibrant personality, Perry was an esteemed member of the local surfing scene. Beyond his surfing accolades, he made a memorable appearance as a buccaneer in “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides,” the fourth installment of the beloved franchise. This tragic incident highlights concerns about shark attacks, though such occurrences remain extremely rare.

Reassurance on Safety in Hawaiian Waters

The waters of Hawaii remain generally safe for recreational activities. Considering the large number of people who swim in Hawaii’s waters, fatal shark bites are exceedingly rare. Despite this tragic event, it is important to note that shark attacks in Hawaii are very uncommon. Incidents of sharks biting people occur at an average rate of three to four per year, with fatalities being even less common.


Additional Safety Information

For those still concerned about shark attacks after this tragedy, it’s worth noting that our dolphin tours are in Waianae (on the west side), and our turtle tours go from Kewalo (near Waikiki). These areas are on different sides of the island from where the incident occurred, providing additional peace of mind for visitors looking to enjoy the beauty of Hawaii’s waters safely. For more information on shark safety, visit the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources’ fact sheet.

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