Hawaii Packing List Essentials for the Family Vacation

Hawaii Packing List Essentials for the Family Vacation

Don’t let your trip be ruined by your children complaining about mosquito bites or the unbearable pain from sunburn. You know the deal.

Here’s 4 things that should be on your Hawaii packing list for an enjoyable family vacation:

1. Small backpack for the children

Who doesn’t like being in charge? Let your kids take the lead, and give them a backpack. Put some of their games and favorite books in it, and the children won’t get bored as you are hopping from island to island!

2. Two swimsuits per child

Yes, that’s right. If you don’t want your children to get sick, bring two swimsuits. You should always have a dry suit with you to make sure your kid doesn’t shiver.

3. Waterproof floating case

Given that Hawaii is the most isolated land mass in the world, you are guaranteed to have some encounters with water.  Whether you are snorkeling, diving, swimming or surfing, don’t forget to bring a waterproof bag.  You can get one to leave on the boat or even take underwater with you. Have your keys, cards, cash, IDs, etc. in a safe place so you can have a blast without having to worry about your personal items!

4. The emergency kit

Just in case, put the following in a small, sealed case:

  • bandaids
  • neosporin
  • Benadryl (you never know when bugs will bite you)
  • pain reliever
  • aloe vera gel.

After spending a week in Hawaii, you might get sunburned.

Don’t let the sun ruin your holiday. We’re hoping you already remembered to pack sunscreen and bug spray… that’s a must. With these essentials in tow, you’re sure to have a fun Hawaii family vacation!

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