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If you’re coming to Hawaii and plan to go hiking on Oahu you’ve probably already heard about the Manoa Falls Trail.  It is one of the most popular hiking trails in Hawaii.

In fact, our tour, Nature and You, is dedicated to this very activity!  In fact, we get so many questions about hiking Oahu on this trail that we thought we’d put together a quick walk-through for you.

Even if you don’t join us on our tour, this should give you a great overview of the hike and what you can expect.

Let’s start!

A quick look at the Manoa Falls Hike on the Nature and You tour

Just minutes away from the hustle and bustle of Waikiki and the sunny, sandy beaches lies Manoa Falls, a 150-ft waterfall surrounded by lush rainforest. The trail is about 1.5 miles and winds through a dense green forest. Along the way you can expect to find several different types of vegetation including birds of paradise, wild ginger flowers, banyan trees, and plenty of bamboo.

While there is an unattended parking lot at the trail head, if you don’t want to worry about losing the keys to your rental car, then our Nature and You tour bus will be happy to pick you up at one of our Waikiki hotel pickup locations and bring you directly up the hill.  The complimentary ride is all a part of our tour. 🙂

manoa falls nature and you dolphins and you hike hiking oahu waikiki valley
Discover a bamboo forest while hiking Manoa Falls


Be informed of what you’re seeing!

During our Nature and You tour, our tour guides also provide a lot of knowledge about the local vegetation and flora.  If you’re going on your own be sure to bring along a guidebook that provides information on the natural features of this amazing hike.

Learning about what you’re seeing adds a whole new dimension to the experience!

Nature and you dolphins and you manoa valley falls waterfall hike waikiki
Join Nature and You and take a walk on the wild side


The amazing Manoa Falls!

The hike itself is not too long, and appropriate for hikers of all ages.  When you reach the end of the trail you’ll be rewarded with the awe-inspiring 150 ft waterfall!

Manoa Falls is famous for being featured in several cinema productions including Jurassic Park and Lost.  Odds are you’ll recognize a few places from the big (and small) screen as you make your way along the trail.

manoa falls nature and you dolphins and you lost jurassic park oahu hawaii hiking waikiki how tall
Manoa Falls is one of the most famous waterfalls in Hawaii


Pro Tip: The trail is often muddy due to the large amount of rainfall that Manoa Valley so so wear comfortable shoes and pack some bug spray. 

Stay hydrated and nourished

It is important to stay hydrated as you’re hiking the trail.  We do provide you with a water bottle and water for your hike on the Nature and You tour.

You also get to experience a complimentary local lunch provided by Kaimana Farm Café, a local establishment that focuses on creating fresh meals made with local ingredients.  It is exactly what you need after an invigorating hike through this tropical paradise.

As I said earlier, even if you don’t join our tour, be sure you have some water and snacks to take along with you.  You’ll definitely be glad you came prepared!

plumeria manoa falls nature and you dolphins and you flower hawaii oahu waterfall hike trail waikiki
Take a hike and explore the beauty of Oahu!

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