The Impressive History of Polynesia

Polynesia is one of the most naturally beautiful regions in the entire world. However, there is much more to these islands than gorgeous scenery. Here we will briefly explore the rich history of this culturally wealthy area.

The First Settlers

It is believed that Polynesia’s first settlers arrived on the island around 300 A.D. Different tribes migrated to different islands over the course of its early history. While there were many similarities between these tribes, every island had its own culture.

Although a lot of these settlers stayed on the Polynesian islands, some of them wound up settling Hawaii. What this means is that there are a host of connections between Polynesian culture and Hawaiian culture.

French Settlers

In the 16th century, settlers from other places began to arrive on the islands. While settlers came from a number of different places, the majority of them came from France. Many of these people traveled from France with the intention of doing missionary work.

Eventually, the island wound up falling under French governance. Today, the islands are known as French Polynesia. The local culture mixes elements of French culture with traditional Polynesian culture.

Polynesian Independence

The people in Polynesia were not necessarily happy being under French rule. A number of Polynesians wanted to become independent from France.

While Polynesia has never managed to attain full independence, they do have a lot more autonomy than they did in the past. France gave them some freedom in 1984, and after that, they allowed the territory to become a French overseas country.

France currently controls the economy of Polynesia, as well as control over law enforcement. They also provide the country’s defense; Polynesia does not have its own military.

However, Polynesia is permitted to manage its own affairs and regional relations without any kind of oversight from France. For the time being, most of the people in Polynesia are satisfied with this arrangement. It is an agreement that benefits all of the parties involved.

Polynesian Culture

One of the most unique aspects of Polynesia is its culture. While Polynesia has been under the control of France for a very long time, they have never lost sight of their history. The people in Polynesia have worked very hard to keep their old traditions alive.

Tattooing plays a very important role in Polynesian culture. Tattoos are considered to be spiritually significant. In the past, it was common for everyone in Polynesia to be tattooed. While that is not the case to day, a lot of people do choose to add tattoos to their body.

Another major aspect of Polynesian culture is the music. Polynesians pass down old stories and legends through songs. A ton of these traditional songs are still performed today.

This is only a glimpse of Polynesia’s rich and fascinating history. Polynesia is unlike any other place in the world. If you are curious about this compelling country, you should definitely study it more closely. Eventually you will want to take a trip to Polynesia. You will really enjoy your time there, and will almost certainly leave more culturally aware and spiritually awakened.

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