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Landslides in Manoa Valley have prompted the state closure of the  Manoa Falls Hiking Trail until further notice. During this time, the Nature and You waterfall hike tour will be rerouted to the nearby Lyon Arboretum Trail. Scroll down for more information about the Lyon Arboretum and Aihualama Falls Trail.

The Manoa Falls hiking trail is famous for its 150-foot stunning waterfall. The waterfall serves as the destination for the Nature and You waterfall hike tour. The trail is also the filming site of Lost and Jurassic Park.

A landslide in the area dispersed large rocks, earth and trees, which are accumulating near the bass of the falls. Fortunately, no one was hurt during the landslide. Investigation and removal work is scheduled to be carried out, but the date of trail reopening is currently uncertain. We’re hoping the renovation won’t be on Hawaii time! (Ha ha).


At the entrance of Manoa, there is a “Do Not Enter” sign posted. The Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources is now considering fines to encourage people to stay out. For everyone’s safety, please stay out of this area.

Luckily, there are other waterfalls trails nearby that also showcase the natural beauty of Hawaii’s rainforest! One such trail is the Lyon Arboretum Trail, which is where Nature and You tours will resume until the Manoa Falls trail is cleared.

Aihualama Falls

The trail to Aihualama Falls is a little-known gem in Lyon Arboretum Botanical Gardens, very close to the Manoa Falls Trail. The Lyon Arboretum hosts more than 5,000 colorful and diverse tropical plant species (even some edible varieties!). Along the one-mile walk to Aihualama Falls, families and guests may encounter heliconias, gingers, guava and more.

“Though the Manoa Falls trail was closed from falling rocks, we were able to enjoy another waterfall and plenty of flowers and plants native to Hawaii (^ – ^). The walking distance is also exactly the same, and I was able to relax and take photos as I hiked. The vegetarian lunch was also very delicious!”
– Yoshi
5-Star VELTRA review of Nature and You (Sept. 27, 2018)

After some rain in the valley, the roughly 20-foot waterfall glistens with beautiful fresh water along the dark lava rock behind. Soon after the waterfall, guests will also see a life-size buddha statue. The calm walk is enhanced by the natural sounds of tropical bird life.

In summary, the course of Nature and You tours has temporarily changed, but there is no change in the rest of the tour schedule. There is still a healthy lunch from Kaimana Farm & Cafe and transportation included. And you’re sure to leave with incredible memories of Hawaii’s stunning natural beauty.

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