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Whale Watching

in Oahu, Hawaii

Approximately 10,000 humpback whales migrate to Hawaii from Alaska each year!

For the first year ever, Dolphins and You gives you the opportunity to see our planet’s most majestic creatures in person.

Off the West coast of Oahu, whales and dolphins are plentiful. You may be lucky enough to view both!

Special First-Year Price

Tour Details

Adults: $129 $109.00

Children (2-11): $99 $79.00

December 1 – March 31
About 3.5 Hours

*Tours may change/cancel due to unexpected weather or other circumstances. 
10 passenger minimum.


Waikiki Pick-Up Map

Tour Route

The Tour Agenda

9:30 AM

Morning Call

Good Morning! You will receive a confirmation call from one of our staff to make sure you’re all set!

10:00 AM

Depart for the West Side

Our WiFi-equipped shuttle will transport you on the one-hour drive to Oahu’s West Coast. 

Our local tour guide will provide an important briefing and answer any questions you might have.

Dolphin and you tour bus

10:30 AM

Arrive at Waianae Harbor

Welcome aboard our all-new boat!

Our new ship, the Ariya, has two decks, a state-of-the-art sound system and a titanic-style front railing for your comfortable viewing of Hawaii’s wild humpback whales!

11:00 AM

E'Ho Mai Ceremony

We will begin our boat ride with a prayer for a safe and enjoyable trip.

We will be singing a Hawaiian chant called, “E’ho mai”, to pray to the gods of the sea for a safe trip with plentiful dolphins.

The humpback whale breaching - Dolphins and You - And You Creations

11:30 AM

Watch Humpback Whales in the Wild!

We will cruise the West Side in search of humpback whales. Keep an eye out for their tails, fins and blows of water.

Seeing whales up close will be an experience you will never forget!

12:00 PM

Wild Dolphin Swim (Dolphins and You tour only)

Would you like the possibility of seeing whales, but you also want to swim with ocean wildlife?

For about $50 more per person, choose our Dolphins and You tour.

Swim with Dolphins in Hawaii

12:30 PM

Cheeseburger in Paradise

Enjoy a perfect meal after a fun-filled day in the ocean! Our crew will serve you a special Hawaiian taro bun cheeseburger and chips.

Lemonade and water will also be available as refreshments.

Enjoying cheeseburger
Hula dancing in Oahu, Hawaii

1:00 PM

On-Board Entertainment

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the crew’s Hula Show. At the end, please join us as we dance together to spread Aloha and give thanks.

A group photo will be taken and will be sent to everyone via email.

3:00 PM

"A Hui Ho"! Until We Meet Again!

Thank you for joining us today on a fun-filled adventure on the ocean! Please don’t forget about all the dolphins and sea creatures you’ve met on this adventure!

And of course, our friendly crew! Check us out on social media sites, too!

Dolphins and You Tour - Swim with Dolphins - Dolphins and You - And You Creations

Our Commitment to the Environment

Dolphins & You is committed to protecting Hawaii’s unique natural environment and host culture through the promotion of responsible travel and educational programs, relating to sustainable tourism for residents, businesses, and visitors.

Dolphins & You is committed to promoting environmental stewardship, cultural sensitivity, community well-being, and quality education within the travel and tourism community. Dolphins & You is certified by the HEA, Hawaii Ecotourism Association as a Certified Sustainable Tour.

For more information about the Hawaii Ecotourism Association, please visit hawaiiecotourism.org

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