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Having a hard time searching for souvenirs?

There is a place where you can get your souvenirs tax free without paying taxes at the store. A place called TGalleria (DFS) is a very nice place located in Waikiki. This is a highly recommended place to go visit once and see what they have available for you. If you need souvenirs from Hawaii this is the perfect place to shop.

TGalleria Waikiki Store

Duty-Free Shop DFS TGalleria is in the central part of Waikiki. If you ever need any local stuff tax-free this is the place for it. There are three floors available for shopping. 1st floor has foods and sweets from Hawaii.  Second floor is mostly make-ups from all around the world and the third floor has a high brands that requires a passport and air ticket to buy. TGalleria used to require a passport and air ticket for all floors but now they have changed it to only on the third floor that has high brands.

TGalleria Waikiki has been in Hawaii for quite a long time and has been renovated since they opened. They have special lounges for people who have credit cards from certain companies. They have special events that occurred quite often for those who want coupons and like to receive special deals. They have numerous sales time to time. Their pineapple juice that is sold inside the store is must try it’s Pineapple juice from Hawaii.

What is special about DFS?

There are competitive stores all around Oahu but, There are not many stores that has every brand available for you to shop at one place. And don’t forget DFS is Tax-Free so you don’t have to worry about getting taxes charged. DFS has staffs all around the world that can speak many languages. There are information counters that you can ask about inside store other things as well.

DFS is opened from 9:30 AM till 11 PM HST each day. Perfect place to find some gifts for anniversary, birthday, Christmas, and other events. The place is very air conditioned and very organized and clean. The staffs are also nice and sweet with high standard services. The washroom is very very cleaned to other places.

DFJ Galleria is very close to And You Creations office. It is next noor and only takes less than 5 minutes to go visit. The products at DFS are unisex and it’s not only for women but there are lot’s of mixed clothes and products for everyone so even a man can come here no problem.

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