The New Oahu Turtle Trolley 🐒

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🌺🚎 Turtle Trolley Unveiled: Your Stylish Waikiki Adventure Ride! 🚎🐒

Hello, island lovers! Big news: introducing the Turtle Trolley – your new ticket to Waikiki wonders! 🌴✨

Easy Island Adventures with Turtle Trolley! 🌊🐒

🐬 Splashy Debut: Cruise Waikiki’s lively streets in a trolley named after chill sea turtles. The Turtle Trolley is rolling in soon – join the fun!

🚎 And You Creations Ohana: More than a trolley – it’s family! Proudly part of the And You Creations crew, bringing ocean adventure vibes to Waikiki.

Hop On, Let’s Roll! 🌟🚎

🐒 For Every Island Explorer: Whether it’s dolphins or souvenirs, the Turtle Trolley takes you on a comfy, cool ride to your next Waikiki adventure!

🚍 Free Rides from Hot Spots: Surprise! Everyone can ride! Free pickups from Ala Moana, Kakaako, Diamond Head, and Treasures and You Souvenir Shop.

Save the Date: Turtle Trolley Launch! πŸ—“οΈπŸŽ‰

Excitement’s building up! The Turtle Trolley hits the streets soon – stay tuned for launch day!

Stay Connected: #TurtleTrolley 🐒🌈

Follow us on social media for sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes fun. Use #TurtleTrolley to share your excitement!

Get ready for a fresh Waikiki experience – where every ride’s an adventure with the Turtle Trolley! πŸ€™πŸŒΊ #TurtleTrolleyAdventures #WaikikiWonders

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