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The Treasures and You store is packed with beautiful and unique gifts, made right here in Hawaii!

Whether you’re searching for the perfect gift for your younger sibling who loves the movie “Moana” or your Auntie who loves the beach, we have the perfect gift for every member of the family starting from just $5 in the Treasures and You Gift Guide.

For Your Little Sister

Mother of Pearl Made in Hawaii Necklace


What little sister doesn’t love Moana? The Disney movie has become a beloved classic.

In the movie, Moana and Maui both wear traditional Hawaiian pendants to help them cross the ocean. Give your sister the same – a beautiful Mother of Pearl pendant that was made in Hawaii! These gifts also come with a fun description of the meaning of the pendants. $25 | Buy Here

For Your Little Brother

A temporary tribal tattoo is sure to make your little brother feel strong!

This one was custom-designed by Dolphins and You to represent dolphins and the ocean. Applying it will help him connect to his “mana” (energy) and inner strength. $5 | Buy Here

For Your Older Sister

This stunning 14K gold fill Hawaiian bangles are the right mix of elegant and beachy. Made here in Hawaii, the bangles come with either sea glass, sea shells or pearls. $45 – $55 | Buy Here

For Your Older Brother


This custom-branded hoodie is fleece-lined and will keep your brother warm. The Dolphins and You crew wears these hoodies on the boat in Oahu to protect from the wind and spray!
$40 | Buy Here

For Your Aunt and Uncle

Your aunt and uncle are always escaping to a new beach destination. This beach towel is lightweight, absorbent and easy to throw in a suitcase.

Designed by famous local artist Holly K., the towels feature three different colorful designs of dolphins and mermaids. $30 | Buy Here

For Grandma and Grandpa

While Grandpa is out in the sun golfing or doing yard work, he’ll need a visor to keep the sun out of his eyes. And Grandma could always use another tote bag for groceries.
Visor | $20 | Buy Here
Tote Bag | $20 | Buy Here

For Mom

CORKCICLE Tumbler with D&Y Logo

For a mom who’s always on the go, give her a way to bring along her favorite drink. The Dolphins and You custom-branded pink Corkcicle keeps a drink cold for 9 hours and hot for 3 hours.
$29 | Buy Here

For Dad


Your stylish Dad could always use another hat. This updated version of this classic cap will help him to spread “Aloha!”

Plus, the lettering was custom-designed by a Hawaiian tribal artist. $25 | Buy Here

For Anyone!

Swim with Dolphins in Hawaii

Swimming with wild dolphins is the best gift of all! For anyone planning to visit Hawaii, a Dolphins and You tour is the memory of a lifetime!

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