Hawaii Honeymoon? 5 “Must Have Lists” For Your Romantic Escapade

So you and your sweetie have finally finished that seemingly endless task of wedding planning! And while it was probably all worth the sleepless nights and strategically planned seating arrangements, now the two of you are ready for the real bliss that jump starts married life. Your honeymoon! And what better way to do it than jetting off to some of the most inarguably pristine and beautiful islands in the world? Hawaii, the perfect destination for crystal clear waters, black sand beaches, swimming with dolphins, beautiful waterfalls, fresh fruit, and last but certainly not least- sacred time alone with your honey. So when your sweetheart inquires what you’ll be packing, don’t fret because we have simplified life for you just when you need it the most.



When it comes to packing for your Hawaii honeymoon, you can never be too prepared, right? Wrong. Tote too much, and an unwieldy bag will burden you both. Take too little, and you will just end up buying what you didn’t bring (and usually for triple the cost at that). When thinking about what to pack for Hawaii our “must have” packing checklist is the solution. Follow these guidelines and sail through your honeymoon with the greatest of ease. Instead of just listing individual key items, we have decided to use important categories so that nothing important gets left behind. Use this printable list to make it easy!

 1. Can’t leave home without these:

  • Airline tickets or e-ticket confirmation

  • Passport/visas/driver’s license

  • Credit cards (take only those you’ll need)

  • Hotel/tour/event reservation fax confirmations

  • Traveler’s checks

  • Two sets of photocopies of all of the above, plus a photocopy of related medical and/or trip insurance coverage (carry one set with you, leave one in the hotel room)

  • Phone numbers for your doctor, house/pet sitter, and credit card companies (in case your cards are lost or stolen)

  • Prescription medicine (in the original bottle)

  • Travel locks (combination lock recommended — no key to lose!) and ID tags for luggage (inside and out)

  • Camera

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2. Her Stash for a Week (tweak for destination, activities, season):

  • 1 pair jeans or khakis (for cold airports and the plane)

  • 1 light jacket or pullover (take one that can be tied around the waist or stuffed in a backpack)

  • 1 nice sundress

  • 1 little black dress

  • 1 cardigan (for chilly restaurants)

  • 4 play shirts (T-shirts, tank tops, short-sleeve button-downs)

  • 2 pairs shorts

  • 2 swimsuits (bikini for the beach, one-piece for water sports)

  • 1 swimsuit cover-up/sarong

  • 1 pair walking shoes/sandals

  • 1 pair evening shoes/sandals

  • 1 evening purse

  • extra socks and undergarments

  • accessories (scarves and jewelry to “stretch” your wardrobe)


3. His Stash for a Week (tweak for destination, activities, season):

  • 1 pair jeans or khakis

  • 1 pair nice slacks

  • 1 light jacket or pullover (take one that can be tied around the waist or stuffed in a backpack)

  • 4 play shirts (T-shirts or short-sleeve button-downs)

  • 2 pairs shorts

  • 2 polo or button-down short-sleeve shirts

  • 1 sports jacket (for nicer restaurants)

  • 1 swimsuit

  • 1 pair walking shoes/sandals

  • 1 pair lace-ups

  • extra socks and underwear


4. Pack Here — Don’t Buy There:

  • Insect repellent (and anti-itch cream for the bugs that break through)

  • Sunscreen and lip balm

  • Sunglasses

  • Sun hat or baseball cap

  • Aloe vera

  • Band-Aids

  • Aspirin/Tylenol/Ibuprofen

  • Antacid

  • Antihistamine

  • Diarrhea medicine

  • Motion sickness medicine

  • feminine products

  • Paperback books (you can leave them in the hotel library once you’ve read)

  • Deck of cards

  • Canvas tote bag for beach or pool (also good for carrying souvenirs home)

  • Guidebook

5. Bathroom Basics:

  • Travel-size toothpaste

  • Toothbrushes

  • Deodorant

  • Cosmetics

  • Cotton balls and swabs

  • Comb/brush

  • Hair gel/spray

  • Nail file/clippers

  • Shaving cream

  • Razors

  • Contact lens and re-wetting solution, storage case

  • Hair accessories

So there you have it, a simple yet thorough list of “must haves” for your jaunt through the magical Pacific islands of Hawaii. Of course, we recommend that the important documents (i.e. tickets, passport, money, credit cards) be kept close at hand such as in your laptop bag/pocketbook so they do not get lost through the shuffle and are easily accessible when you need it. Your luggage, both his and hers, can be simple and light so that you can save your time and money by carrying them aboard the flight. Toiletries, liquids, and sun care should all be travel sized to save money and space, and should be ziplocked separately to avoid any surprise explosions on the plane to due changes in air pressure.  If you are prone to motion sickness, OTC medications are especially helpful during the flight, boat tours, water sports, etc. But most important of all, remember to keep your new honey within arm’s reach, and you are sure to have the happiest and most romantic honeymoon Hawaii has ever seen!


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